Mouse Castle


The Mouse Castle lies on the east side of the Rhine, north of Burg Katz (Cat Castle) in Sankt Goarshausen and opposite Burg Rheinfels at Sankt Goar across the river. Local folklore attributes the name to the Counts of Katzenelnbogen’s mocking of the Electors of Trier during the 30 years of construction, who reportedly said that the castle was the mouse that would be eaten by the cat of Katzenelnbogen. The originally intended name was Burg Peterseck. A matched castle on the left bank (to control the bank north of Burg Rheinfels) that was to be named Burg Peterberg was never constructed. Other names by which Burg Maus is known are Thurnberg (or Thurmberg) and Deuernburg. Today Burg Maus hosts an aviary that is home to falcons, owls and eagles, and flight demonstrations are staged for visitors from late March to early October.